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Jon Cornwall
May 27, 2021
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We saw a large animal come out from under the shed and climb up and on the fence posts. We weren't sure if it was a badger or something like that. After a Google search, turns out it's a yellow-bellied marmot. What? Never heard of it. Apparently they are quite common in UT. Who knew!
Yellow-Bellied Marmot content media
Jon Cornwall
Sep 14, 2020
In Cabin Journal
Always exciting arriving at the front gate. Justin and his girlfriend, Mimi, spent the first few days with us. We took a drive up to Mirror Lake one day. What a beautiful place! Then we hit Provo Falls on the way back down. Later in the week Laverne, Owen, and Kyle came up and spent one night. They brought Kyle up to BYU. We played a little horseshoes, had a yummy dinner, then had a blast playing Dummy Rummy and Mormon Bridge. Between company, we had few mins to relax. Saw a couple moose above the spring one afternoon. Saturday, Uncle Jon and Aunt Lynette came up. We showed them around the ranch, Jon had a nice conversation with 'Hal' McEwan. We had a wonderful visit.
Great week at the cabin! 8/24/20 - 8/31/20 content media
Jon Cornwall

Jon Cornwall

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